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We have created such a signature way of flying falcons that is completely different from any other abatement company. Our knowledge on aplomado falcons and the utilization of new technology has also been a big part of staying ahead of the competitors.

Ensuring quality results is our big concern.

Aplomado Falcon

Every year, millions of dollars of damage is done to fruit and berry crops by avian invaders. Small birds such as starlings, robins, cedar wax wings and finches can ruin fruit crops by pecking holes in cherries, apples, grapes and blue berries, making the fruit unsaleable. In addition, potencially dangerous bird-bourne pathogens such E.coli or Salmonella can contaminate the crop, either in the field or in storage. To avoid crop damage or contamination, farmers are forced to fight back against the annual avian invasions. Techniques such using flashing ribbons, plastic owls, and loud explosions from CO2 cannons are all costly and ineffective.

Our raptors are released at sunrise and will protect the farm along with the falconer in charge. The techniques we use allow us to have multiple falcons out chasing off nuisance birds.

Inka Falcon is owned and managed by one of the country's leading agriculture bird abatement specialist. Raul Ramirez has been practicing bird abatement as a full time profession since 2009  and a falconer since the year 2000. He has worked as a manager for two of the largest abatement programs in the Pacific Northwest, and now runs his own company. For the last 8 years Raul has spent numerous times in Peru with farmers and also with bird abatement companies to exchange ideas and techniques.

In Inka Falcon we use a mix of Raptors and tools for ultimate results BUT the species that we prefer is the aplomado falcon.


No doubt that the aplomado falcon has become very popular in the agriculture bird abatement industry, this small falcon in the right hands can do wonders for the farmers and of course the falconers.

Aplomados have proven to be the most effective bird of prey for bird abatement in South  and central America( Peru, Paraguay and Mexico) where almost every grape and blueberry grower are using them in their abatement program.

What is so special about them?

When compared to their larger cousins (big falcons). these small falcons can fly together in groups for  longer periods of time. We have been able to have up to 4 falcons flying in a farm the entire day; something that the bigger birds have a hard time doing.

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